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Sep. 23rd, 2014


Windowpane Sweater for Hollaknits

I'm very excited to blog about my design for Holla Knits: the Windowpane Sweater! It was knit withDK Merino Silk from DyeforWool(white and black).
It incorporates bold graphic stripes, and hot off the fashion needle details like curved elbow sleeves and dropped shoulders. Fun techniques to add to your repertoire include crocheting on stripes, intarsia in the round, bust short rows and contiguous( a variation on the fabulous Susie Myers technique) bottom-up shaping.
Not for the faint of heart, but for a knitter who likes a challenge….
And as you can see below, it looks just as good in bold colors!
Here's a mini-tutorial on intarsia in the round:
Intarsia Knit Round: Knit with MC, When you reach the intarsia block, knit the block with CC yarn. Now you want to knit in in MC, but the yarn is on the other side. Wrap the CC yarn around the next MC st, turn, knit Intarsia Purl Round.

foto 3 (1)foto 2 (1)foto 1 (1)
Intarsia purl row: Purl the intarsia block with CC yarn, continue in MC. When you meet the wrapped stitch, take the wrap and knit together with the last st on your second Intarsia knit round, taking care that the desired color of the block you're knitting is in front of the other color.
Repeat these two rows until your intarsia block is big enough.

I'm also delighted to direct you to the Holla Knits blog for a Subscriber Exclusive Giveaway of  8 skeins KnitPicks Swish DK in Indigo Heather.

To enter, click over to the Holla Knits blog and leave a comment! Please leave or use the email connected to your Holla Knits subscription, the email you have received this email with, in the comment so I can confirm everyone is subscribed. Feel free to facebook, pin, and tweet for more entries!

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Aug. 24th, 2012


Featured on Indie Designer Day

Hello fellow knitters, I'm so proud to announce I'm being featured as Indie Designer on Canary Knits' blog!

Nov. 24th, 2011


Get back on the needles

How to frog?

My personal philosophy is this: once you discover your mistake, frog at once. Then, get right back to knitting and knit back to where you were when you found out. I had the opportunity to live through it this morning, when I had to frog my Kabuto hat not once, but twice. Apparently I can't read, and apparently I also never look at my knitting, because I suddenly realized I'd been decreasing for 30 rows when I shouldn't. Yeah, it was fun. Not.

It's like riding a horse ( or so they say...); if you don't try again immediately you will never ride, um, knit again.
Well, you will probably knit again, but it's not going to be this WIP. The abandoned, somewhat frogged WIP is doomed never to become a fully realized FO. You don't want that, do you? It's bad karma. Only worth risking if you really hate your knit. Then it will turn into a dung beetle in the next life instead of you!

Feb. 8th, 2011

rie cramer

Wearable to work

This morning I had some time left before work - not enough for anything major, but just enough. I played around with my Ravelry projects page, and made a new category: "Wearable to Work".

Or maybe it should read, "Worn to Work". In knitting terms that means, an FO that you're proud enough of to wear outside the house, and moreover, that won't raise eyebrows ( except in admiration) on the workfloor.

I'm pleased to report that I have more than a dozen of those. I admit, some of them are hats and scarves, but most of them are actually dresses, cardigans and sweaters. ( I'm wearing Norah Gaughan's Anhinga as I type - ready to go out into the world with it).

What they all have in common: restrained color. Great design. Good finishing ( it's never perfect, is it?).

What are you wearing today? Is it one of your own FOs? What FOs have you worn to work or visiting or the supermarket without feeling any shame?

Aug. 23rd, 2010


New Pattern: Remnant Stripe Cardigan

After some prodding by wonderful brendada I finally wrote up my notes for the Remnant Stripe Cardigan (ravelry link).

I've put up the (untested) pattern on Artemis Adornments. You can preview it here.

Try out at your own risk - it's only been knit by me so far. Testknitters wanted in sizes S, M and L!

Enjoy and let me know what you think....

Dec. 6th, 2009


The inherent frustration of knitting

My knitting plans for the weekend have gone awry.

As per usual.

I wanted to finish my pale blue Georgie (Ravelry link), but I discovered that my beloved tight sleeves don't work on a loose cardigan that I want to slip on over other things, like pyjamas or T-shirts. So now I'm faced with the question, do I pick out my recent sewing (which I hate, no big surprise there), or live with it? The seams I put in the body (in the Hargreaves original they are in the sleeves, but I didn't like that with tight sleeves) are working beautifully, the pockets are good - but I placed the first one too much to the center. Another argh. So, not finished.

My gauzy white cardigan - fail. The silk knit buttonbands are too heavy and drag the cardigan out of shape. Back to plan A, namely use woven silk for the buttonbands, which is very light. But again, much unpicking and no finishing!

My Peplum cardigan - going well, although I'm dithering about finishing it with the Alpaca Silk I have, and maybe end up with a short fisherman's rib hem, or use Silky Flamme in the exact same color. While I dither, I'm knitting the lapels and the second sleeve.
I've vowed not to start anything new until these three projects are finished - and even then I won't be WIP-less. Two more cardigans on the needles, one of them designated to be frogged and reknit.

And it's always like this. I'm not striving for perfection, but I've learned that if I don't make my projects as perfect as I can, I'll neve wear them.

So I grit my teeth and gird my needles. Onward!

Sep. 23rd, 2009


Cashmere stripy down the drain

Several things have suddenly gone wrong with Stripey the Second.

Or rather, I just discovered them. My knitting is different from my swatch - I think I took on my bamboo needles too quickly and they’re too big. And I didn’t try it on often enough - I put it on just now and it was huge! Now I know the swatch says it shrinks 15 %, but I didn’t really trust it anymore.
So I washed it hot in fairy liquid, needles and alll, and here’s to hoping it’ll shrink to swatch specs. Otherwise I’ll have to rip out a huge chunk of knitting - which, at needles 3 and laceweight yarn will make me cry…

Fingers crossed.